Welcome to the Bloody Fangs Icon Archive

Here you can upload all your Vampire and Werewolf related icons, you know those pretty 100x100 icons you can use on Insanejournal, livejournal, messageboards etc. ..

You don't need to register an account, all you need to do is, give a name (you can also give any link you like along with it) and then you can start uploading your icons under the relevant categories. When you come back to archive you can just select your name from the drop down list.

You also can hot-link your icons from here as soon as I approved them. There is no limit to the bandwith, so why not take advantage of it? That way you post them in journals and groups, where you can get more direct feedback.

The idea is to get a large collection of icons that remain in place, even when the photobucket account is deleted, the bandwith expired or the site has been moved. Cause Bloody Fangs will stay online, no matter how well it's used.

Do not see the show / movie you are looking for?
You don't want to bother uploading all your codes?
You have any other questions?

No, problem, sent me an e-mail.





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